Prometheus champions an open and liberal society. We believe that a vibrant civil society, decentralized solutions and an entrepreneurial spirit are the foundation of a world in which all people are constantly improving.

We inspire the do it yourself ethos by communicating ideas and by networking current and future decision makers. Prometheus offers a home to freedom-loving people.

Our work

With Prometheus, we want to actively change our society. This cannot be achieved in a short time. Our aim is not only to stop undesirable developments, but also and above all to change direction. Our goal is not only to achieve rapid, selective successes with perhaps short lifespans, but also long-term and sustainable changes. With targeted campaigns, we criticise current political measures and make constructive counterproposals. Above all, however, we are working on social change. To this end, we hold events and publications aimed at multipliers such as journalists, scientists and teachers, and support young people in particular. We no longer want to leave the competition for people’s heads and hearts to those who speak with paternalism and paternalism. We are ready to summon up the courage, patience and idealism that will be necessary for this.

Our network

Prometheus is not alone. We are well networked with many entrepreneurs, scientists, journalists and politicians in Germany and beyond. We maintain friendly contact with many think tanks in Germany and around the globe. Above all, we draw confidence from the growing number of people who are rediscovering the value of freedom. The young generation in particular wants to live in more freedom and responsibility. These young people are the future on which we can build.

Our sources

We stand for a comprehensive, liberal view of humanity: for an open society, market economy and the rule of law. We are inspired by important thinkers such as Adam Smith, Alexis de Tocqueville, Frédéric Bastiat, Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich August von Hayek, Karl Popper and James Buchanan. At the same time, those women and men are role models for us who, with their very concrete commitment, have contributed significantly to the growth of a liberal society, such as Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi, William Wilberforce, Richard Cobden, Louise Otto-Peters and Eugen Richter.

Our name

We have chosen the Greek mythical figure Prometheus as our namesake. Prometheus is a symbol for the liberation of man from his immaturity. The fire that Prometheus brought to people enabled them to take personal responsibility and freedom. We want to ignite this fire in the hearts and minds of the people in our country. Our motivation is idealistic. We do not pursue any special interests and are politically independent. We believe in the power of ideas.